Rigging Inspections

  • Curious about the condition of your sailboat's rigging? 

  • Concerned about safety?

  • Looking for a maintenance schedule?

Consider a Rigging Inspection.

A rigging inspection is a visual inspection of your sailboat's:

  • Mast and boom
  • Standing rigging (including aloft, and chainplates if accessible)
  • Furling system
  • Rig tune (mast rake, shape, and rigging tension)
  • Running rigging
  • Hardware
  • Poles
  • Mainsail and headsail
  • Mast lights
  • Masthead/Mast instruments


Inspection options

We offer two types of rigging inspection - a Basic Inspection for $8/foot and an Advanced Inspection for $15/foot based on the LOA of your vessel. 


Basic Inspection

The Basic Inspection is intended to be completed in 2 hours including a trip aloft; rigging components are evaluated on an "adequate" or "needs attention" basis, and you get a copy of the checklist for your records.  Inspection is limited to the mast, boom, chainplates, standing rigging, and halyards and does not include other running rigging or deck hardware.


Advanced Inspection

The Advanced Inspection is a more thorough inspection of all of the above, plus all running rigging, all deck hardware, mainsail, headsail, and poles.  An Advanced Inspection typically takes about 6 hours and is best done with the boat in the water.  You are welcome, but not required, to be present.  Within 2 weeks of the inspection, you'll receive a detailed report including photographs and recommendations.

The purposes of a rigging inspection are:  To evaluate and document the condition of a vessel's rig and to provide you, the owner, with information to help you maintain your craft.  If you are considering purchasing a sailboat or applying for insurance, in addition to a rigging inspection, we recommend a complete vessel survey (in many cases, it will be required).  Click here to find an Accredited Marine Surveyor in your area.