Pricing and Scheduling

Updated 3/19/2019:

  • Aloft labor rate (most aloft work, requiring 2 people): $175/hour

  • On-Deck labor rate (1 person): $95/hour

  • Rigging Inspection: $8/foot of LOA for Basic Inspection, $15/foot of LOA for Advanced Inspection

  • Tuning: At the regular 1- or 2-person labor rate

  • Furling System Installation: Flat rate $875

  • Travel: No travel charges to marinas and boat yards on the North East River - Thank you to our local customers! For sites from the Bohemia River to Perryville (eastern shore), we charge a flat rate of $15 per trip. For sites in Havre de Grace, we charge a flat rate of $25 per trip. For sites on Middle River we charge a flat rate of $40 per trip. For vessels located outside of these areas, but still within our range (see home page), travel time is at our regular labor rate ($95/hour) from the edge of the flat rate area, round-trip.

  • Winch Servicing: $45 for single-speed winches and $95 for two-speed winches

  • Splicing: Please call and talk to Dobbs - he can custom-splice just about any line to suit your application. Rates vary based on line type and size. We do not splice used rope. Dobbs teaches splicing, too.

  • Instruction: Sailing and boat-handling lessons on your vessel, tailored to meet your skill level, goals and sailing preferences - $300 for 4 hours. Dobbs holds a USCG 50-ton Inland Master's license with Auxiliary Sailing endorsement and is CPR/First Aid/AED certified.

What other services do we offer?  We work with boat owners on improving deck hardware and layout to increase sailing efficiency and comfort.  We service light fixtures, replace antennas and instruments, and run flag halyards.  We can help you select a whisker or spinnaker pole, install the hardware to operate and stow it, and then give you hands-on instruction on how to use it.  We replace travelers, install boom vangs, and re-bed chainplates and deck hardware.  Tired of bending on and removing your sails each season?  Let us do it for you.  In addition, Dobbs teaches splicing and offers sailing lessons and boat handling instruction.  If you have a project in mind, call us - we're here to help. 


We Want you to love sailing as much as we DO!

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