Enjoying Company

2/6 Wednesday, 78/55, sunny, SE5-10, 1145.4 - With Rich in town for the day, we made plans to meet for tennis at 1pm. I washed a load of laundry and caught up on two days of blog entries. The weather is warm and pleasant - we leave the ports and hatches open. Dobbs helped Rich off-load his dinghy from the foredeck of Green Ayes and then started on the work we’re doing on the Columbia 8.7. We had lunch at noon and met Rich at 1pm.

The three of us bicycled to the park - Rich travels with a folding bicycle. He showed us how to play “round robin” with 3 players, where a single serves and plays according to singles rules on his/her side and the other two play doubles. If the single wins the game, he/she gets 2 points; if the doubles win, they each get 1 point. Players rotate one position at the end of each game. We finished two sets around 3pm and decided to return to the marina and go for a sail.

Rich joined us on Grace. It was a delightful afternoon sail - sunny, with a SE breeze around 7-10 knots.


Around 5:30pm, we came back to the dock and Rich offered to treat us to dinner. I suggested the Playalinda Brewing Co., so at six o’clock, we walked to town.


The beer list was too enticing for me to settle on just one, so I ordered a “flight” of five samples: Kitchen Sync, Chocolate Go Big, Robonaut Red Ale, Surreptitious, and Orion…(something or other)).


They were ALL delicious. I’m glad I chose the sampler because I like tasting the nuances in each beer. As a bread maker, playing around with the mix of yeast, fermentation time, grains and additions appeals to me. I take tiny sips and relish the flavor. The guys (Dobbs and Rich) kindly helped me out, because 25oz. is too much beer for this small gal. For dinner, Dobbs and Rich went with the Cuban sandwiches; I opted for the roast beef wrap and a side of New England Clam Chowder - perfect accompaniments to the dark beers.


We invited Rich back to Grace for Tastycakes for dessert. Former Sippy Cup racer and Walden Rigging client Pete of the Precision 23 Southern Cross shipped us TEN boxes of Tastycakes! The southern states don’t sell them, and back on Hilton Head I’d had a hankering. Pete’s surprise has fixed us up for months to come. Thanks, Pete!


Well-sated, we bid each other a good evening and Dobbs and I retired to bed.