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12/2, 68/59, rain & thunderstorms, SW15-20>25 - When we got up, the sky was gray and rainy and, peering out the hatch, we could see dark clouds of a thunderstorm approaching from the northwest. Lightning flashed occasionally.


A check of the weather forecast informed us of the risk of severe thunderstorms and the potential for wind gusts to 60mph, hail, tornadoes, and waterspouts. Yikes! That’s a rude awakening. I insisted on coffee and breakfast before dealing with any storm prep. The first squall - the one we could see - passed over with gusty wind, but only to 25mph or so. After breakfast, Dobbs and I donned our foulies and stepped outside. I bound the mainsail and cover with a rope, hitching it snugly every foot or so. Dobbs added extra dock lines. We worked together to drop, flake, and fold the genoa and then lashed it down under the dinghy on the foredeck. (It was soaked, so we didn’t want to bring it inside.)


It’s rained almost continuously throughout the day, never stopping for more than five minutes. Sometimes it’s a soft drizzle and other times a downpour that pounds the cabin top. Several thunderstorms have passed over, none severe. We don’t mind doing storm prep that turns out to be unneeded! We read, I wrote, I colored, we played cards. Around mid-day, we drug Murphy out for a walk in the rain, just to get out for a bit.

Fascinating interior of this giant fern.  The red bulbous things are hard, like a seed.

Fascinating interior of this giant fern. The red bulbous things are hard, like a seed.

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