Yoga and Gaming

1/20 Sunday, 64/39, sunny, W20-30 - Dobbs joined me for Yoga in the Park this morning and we rode over on our tandem. The practice celebrated the full moon and tonight’s eclipse, interspersed with several variations of crescent poses and also a goddess pose.


At 12:30pm, after lunch, we walked up to The Infinite Mushroom and set up Sails of Glory. The owner, Rick, had said we could use a table, and we thought, since today was especially windy, that playing indoors, as opposed to the screened porch of the boaters’ lounge, would be better. Bonus: It brings new faces into Rick’s shop. Steve and Chris, friends from the marina, joined us. Steve played for the first time last week; Chris was playing for the first time today. As we suspected, being a sailor, Chris took to the game pretty quickly. We had lots of laughs and good action.

Chris had to leave around 3pm; Dobbs, Steve, and I walked home at 5pm in chilly, breezy conditions. Dobbs and I tucked in on Grace. For dinner I made “unstuffed cabbage”. It’s 7:50pm now. Dobbs is washing the dishes, Murphy’s already in bed. I’m looking forward to lying down myself - it’s been a hard-playing, wonderful weekend.