Beating the Cold

1/10 Thursday, 61/48, sunny, NNW15-20 - It was COLD this morning - in the upper 30’s! I recognize I won’t get an ounce of sympathy from most of our readers, who live in Maryland. I slept in until 7am, just waiting for the sun to start warming the boat. I’m feeling better - no overwhelming tiredness and I’m glad. Keep up the good work, immune system.

Murphy and I went for a morning walk, and we came upon the man who feeds the squirrels. I didn’t mention him when we met him the first time in Sand Point Park. He and his wife drive in every morning in their white sedan. She waits patiently for him in the passenger’s seat as he walks around the park, distributing handfuls of peanuts to the squirrels. He hides them in tree trunks and rock hollows. He’s been doing this for thirty years and recognizes generations of squirrels. Regardless of the impact on wildlife, his story is charming.

Where did the morning go? Ah - reviewing our health insurance in light of the government shutdown and making sure that we can still afford what we’d selected in November. It seems that the situation is stable until at least June. That’s good news.

After lunch we walked to the park to play tennis. The NNE15-20 breeze made for challenging play, as it angled somewhat but not entirely perpendicular to the court. This means that each box has a different wind vector to account for. Dobbs and I played two sets and each won one. The walk through town is always pleasant.

Back at Grace, I finished a blog posting and then set out snack in the cockpit. Dobbs checked on our neighbors’ dog (the neighbor who was having surgery today) and all was well. Later, S returned home but J will have to stay another day to recuperate.

For dinner I made another pizza with the left-over sauce, cheese, kale, mushrooms, and olives.


Dobbs and I have had great conversation all day and it’s continued into the evening. He washed the dishes and is out walking Murphy; I’m about to get up and dry and put away. The train is rumbling by, muffling the lyrical flute of James Galway playing Mozart.