We Have a Runner!

12/21 Friday, 59/41, mostly cloudy, W25>35 - The headache I had yesterday lasted through the night. I tried ice and various medicines but it just wouldn’t fade away. I slept perhaps an hour up until 5am. Outside, the wind howled - the strongest blow we’ve experienced since we arrived. The V-berth was a bumpy ride. I did actually fall asleep between 5 and 6:30am - that was nice. In the morning, Dobbs added extra dock lines to Grace and one on our neighbor’s Mainship too (he didn’t have any more).

I took it easy, washing dishes and then writing and taking care of some office work. Dobbs finished the engine and prop shaft alignment.

The Supervisor (Maxwell) keeps a careful watch on Dobbs’ work.

The Supervisor (Maxwell) keeps a careful watch on Dobbs’ work.

After lunch, I continued administrative projects for our business. Dobbs started the engine and gave the transmission a test run. We noted a leak at the lift muffler outflow and tightened the hose clamps - that stopped it. There were some tense moments during the “break in” of the new transmission, where it stalled the engine and later squeaked twice. Like nervous parents, we texted Brad for input. Brad called back and talked us down from our anxieties and, after a few cycles of start-reverse-neutral-forward, all was operating to spec. We can move again! Seeing the wash of the prop, which seems a fair bit more substantial than it has been for a while, we wonder just how long the transmission had been wearing out. With the gale blowing, it’s far too rough to do anything more than test at dock today. Sunday is looking good for going out for a sail.

We took an afternoon walk - it must be too cold for alligators today. Dobbs’ Dad called in the evening to say he’d made it safely to Dobbs’ sister’s family’s home in Ohio. I enjoyed listening to Dobbs chat with his nieces. Then it was time for dinner - spaghetti with chicken wing meat (the last of the chicken). The barometer is slowly climbing and the wind is easing up a little. We’re ready for a break and a good night’s sleep. Merry Solstice!

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