We could stay a bit longer...

3/6 Wednesday, 54/36, sunny, NW20-25>5-10 - One more night enjoying the warmth of our space heater and the serenity of Kilkenny Creek. We even slept late this morning, until quarter of seven. I made coffee, eggs, toast, and fried potatoes for breakfast and took Murphy for a walk. Dobbs washed our dishes and refilled the water tank. We stayed below through the morning, me creating blog pages and Dobbs working on rules for Sails of Glory “artificial intelligence” ships (how they move relative to live players). At 11am, I walked up to the road to call my Mom (there’s not enough cell signal at the dock). Mom and I talked until lunchtime. Grace’s fresh food stores are low - no lettuce or tomatoes, nor whole grain bread. I made us turkey and cheese with onions, cucumbers, mayonnaise, and brown mustard on Sunbeam white bread.

In the afternoon, we took turns using the laptop; I colored when it was Dobbs’ turn. Later, we took a walk with Murphy - out Kilkenny Road a bit, then north on Oyster House Road, to see a little community of homes just up the creek from the marina.

We also poked around the historic Kilkenny plantation.

At the warmest part of the day, we took showers. It’s just us and a research vessel at the marina dock this evening. For dinner, I made salmon cakes, potatoes au gratin, and peas, which disappeared too quickly to be photographed.