Catching Up with Gary & Karen

2/20 Wednesday, 80’s/60’s, sunny, SE25+ - Gary and Karen take their time welcoming the day, so Dobbs and I did the same. Dobbs got up and took care of all the morning chores while I slept, and then woke me with hot coffee - what a kind husband! I read some, made huevos rancheros (again) for breakfast, and then caught up on several days of log entries. The breeze blowing through the boat was delightful. However, it was also more than we wanted to go out day-sailing in, unfortunately. With the wind blowing strong out of the southeast, we would have needed the second reef AND we’d be beating in the narrow channel; also it would have prevented our backing into the slip upon return. Too much work.

Instead, when Gary and Karen came over in the afternoon, we walked through Sand Point Park and over the Max Brewer Bridge. Many kite-boarders were surfing off the Parrish Park beach, zipping back and forth and occasionally leaping into the air. Coming back, we paused at the top of the bridge to take in the breeze and view of the wind-whipped river.

Water and mango slices were a welcome refreshment upon our return. We sat in the cockpit talking and relaxing until 5:30pm or so, and then parted company to shower before dinner. Gary and Karen invited us to Pier 220. At 7:30, we bicycled over and met up with them.


We shared an order of conch fritters as an appetizer. Dobbs and I chose grouper sandwiches, Gary opted for a coconut shrimp platter, and Karen had mussels over linguine. Our conversation drew out until a waiter switched off the “Open” light above our table - it seemed like a not-so-subtle sign, though it wasn’t yet 9pm. We bid Gary and Karen farewell and rode home through the park. Having already showered, we embraced climbing into bed at 9:30pm - an early night, compared with the last few.

Suzanne FrybergerPier 220