Tomatillo Tuesday

12/11, 55/36, sunny, W10-15 - Cereal for breakfast, washed a load of laundry, walked Murphy, created blog article, continued holiday letter which is finished now except for a photo of us at the beach - the basic activities of everyday life.

We borrowed the car to play an afternoon tennis set, and then took some time afterward to practice making good, strong, low shots over the net, remembering to plant our feet first, then swing. It helped - we improved.

Before we had to head back to return the car by the 2-hour limit, we walked out to the beach and took our photo.


We removed our shoes and enjoyed the cool, dry sand, our feet hot from the tennis workout. I waded into the water - icy cold right to my ankle bones but also strangely invigorating- while Dobbs looked on.

Back at the marina, we took showers. As I was walking back from the bathroom, I spied a cruiser going aloft. He and his mate seemed to be making out well, but I still stopped by on my way to walk Murphy to introduce myself and offer our services if they were needed. Their topping lift had come detached from the masthead was all - a simple fastener fix that they squared away.

I put my feet up and read for a while before making dinner. Patrick O’Brien’s “Post Captain” has my heart racing as Jack Aubrey and crew carry out a challenging mission under the guns of a French port. Around 6pm, I started on a black bean chili from dried black beans set to soaking this morning. I added dried green and salsa peppers and tomatoes plus fresh onion and garlic and the customary spices. It made a tasty, satisfying meal served with sour cream, cheese, corn chips, and tomatillo salsa. The salsa I made and canned from tomatillos I picked in September.


“What’s a tomatillo?” you ask. It’s the main ingredient in salsa verde and looks like a small green tomato in a husk. Their tart flavor, made complex by roasting, can be a tomato substitute, but they really have a unique taste all their own. Also, tomatillos are high in pectin so they naturally thicken soups and sauces. Here are two of my favorite tomatillo recipes: Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Verde (though I skip the serrano) and Tomatillo Chicken Stew (though I use less than the quantity of chicken called for in the recipe and add white beans instead).

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