Titusville Playhouse

1/19 Saturday, 75/60, sunny, S10-20, 1142.8 - Dobbs and I slept until after 7am with the day coming on sunny and warm. We played a mid-morning tennis set. Walking home from the park, we stopped first at The Infinite Mushroom to make gaming plans for tomorrow, and then at Sav-A-Lot for some groceries.

A lush palm along the sidewalk.

A lush palm along the sidewalk.

I made turkey sandwiches for lunch and then took a mid-day shower so my hair would have time to dry before evening. Dobbs and I have tickets to see “La Cage Aux Folles” at the Titusville Playhouse. In the afternoon, Dobbs worked on Sails of Glory modifications and I sat in the cockpit reading. A neighbor gave us his tandem bicycle! He noticed our interest and said that he and his wife just don’t use it the way he’d hoped they would.

Authentic “Florida Red” coloring!

Authentic “Florida Red” coloring!

Dobbs serviced the bike to bring it up to nominal working condition. The rear brake cable is frozen, as are the shifting cables, so for now we’ll ride in 5th gear (of 18) and leave plenty of room to stop. We took our new steed out for a spin and it was just as much fun (and a little tricky at first) as we remembered from the last time we rode a tandem, about 10 years ago. The fellow who gave it to us was beaming to see it being used.


I made an early dinner of cauliflower curry over rice.


We washed the dishes, walked Murphy, and then, at 7pm, we left to walk up to the Playhouse - it’s in town. Town is pretty day or night - there are just enough businesses combined with vintage architecture to keep it alive and authentic, though I’m sure the existing shopkeepers would love company.


The show was amazing. The sets, the costumes, the performances - all were just dazzling and created with local talent. I got to see men in beautiful drag perform without sailing all the way to Key West. More than that, though I do fancy sequins and ostrich feathers, I valued the message of a family dealing with problems and overcoming them with love. The show wrapped up around 11pm and Dobbs and I walked home, hand-in-hand, along the lighted streets.