Transmission shipped

11/30, 60’s/50’s, partly cloudy - Dobbs and I walked up to the office to be there when it opened at 8am, so that we could borrow the car first thing. We drove to Walmart for packing tape and a few groceries. We taped up the box with the transmission right there in the parking lot to be sure we had enough tape.


Then we went to the UPS Customer Service Center by the airport and shipped off our precious package. Lastly we visited the recycling center to offload used transmission fluid.

Back at the marina, we worked on estimates and customer contacts for a couple hours. Mid-afternoon, I wanted to stretch my legs so Dobbs and I walked up to the Talbird historic Gullah cemetery that’s just beyond the marina entrance.


We walked up and down the rows, reading the inscriptions and pondering the lives of those resting there and their families.

The cemetery sits at the edge of Skull Creek. It’s bordered on one side by a hedge that smells similar to gardenia - we kept getting heady whiffs of it was we walked around. About half the tombstones are home-made of a type of concrete and lettered by hand - those are my favorite. I think being hands-on involved in the burial process of a loved one can help a person work through grief. I think of the care that went into tooling each letter and number and, even before that, the setting up of a mold and pouring the concrete. Some of the plots had planted gardens.


We walked back to Grace for a little rest and then it was time for Murphy’s afternoon walk. He got to meet a 3-year-old shih-tzu this time, but she was a little intimidated. For dinner, I made what I’m calling “Midnight Black Bean Chili” - black beans and purple sweet potatoes are the two main ingredients, making this chili an inky purple-black.