Tennis, Bicycling, and Birdwatching

2/8 Friday, 79/61, sunny, E5-10, 1146.1 - The bed felt so good this morning, I really wanted to turn off the alarm and go back to sleep, but I didn’t. While coffee brewed, I put together a blog page. The pets came looking for breakfast at 6:30am, and then Dobbs wandered out at seven. I made us some bacon, eggs, toast, and kale with white beans. We started out the day with another round of refresher 3-strand eye splicing for me. Dobbs spliced a shackle onto the spinnaker halyard for the Columbia 8.7. I finally got through to Profurl to get a price on a Wrapstop, which enabled me to send off the estimate for installing it. The fellow seeking the rigging inspection for his Island Packet 350 also wanted LED mast lights, so Dobbs went over to the boat to see what fixtures were currently in place. With that information, I called the owner to discuss options and then placed an order for the new lights.

After lunch, we rode to the park and played two sets of tennis. I was dragging at the end of the second set because I’d practiced serving for a while in-between sets; also, it was 79-degrees and Dobbs ran me good. Despite being exercised already, we rode over the bridge to Merritt Island to do some bird-watching along Gator Creek Road.


We’d like to continue exploring toward the coast, but right now the bicycle trail ends at Gator Creek Road and Route 406 has no berm. Hopefully, before we leave, we can pick a low-traffic mid-day weekday and go farther afield.

Today’s birds of note were: roseate spoonbill, several northern shovelers, a multitude of coots and gallinules, the same green heron in the exact same spot as last time, and a flock of lesser scaups.

With legs and butts aching, we rode back across the bridge to home. A round of Gatorades was followed by a round of gin-and-tonics. I put some snack out in the cockpit and we sat reading and relaxing until it was time for me to make dinner. Dobbs went for a shower while I prepared roasted red pepper curry over rice. After dinner, I took a shower while Dobbs washed the dishes. We have a good balance of chores.