Suzanne's 42nd Birthday

12/1, 64/63, cloudy w/light rain, SW15-20>25 - We slept until 7:15am on this rainy Saturday morning! What a delight to sleep knowing no alarm would wake us. And Max (our cat) let us be, which is a miracle. I made coffee and an eggs breakfast. Afterward, while not something I relish doing on my birthday, we cleaned out our composting head. It needed to be done. Then, mid-morning, I called my Mom back - she’d phoned while we were cleaning. I feel fortunate to still be able to hear my Mom’s voice on my birthday and to talk with her every week. I walked up and took a shower before lunch. I’m getting to wear some lighter clothing the last couple days - what I’d wear in Spring in Maryland. It’s refreshing! No long underwear today.

After lunch, Dobbs and I played Sails of Glory. I surrendered in the end, but it was a good battle that could have gone either way until I collided with his ship while his broadside was loaded (you can guess what happened next). If you like reading about tall ship action, click here to go to an exciting play-by-play of the action that Dobbs wrote for the Sails of Glory forum.

The American schooner “Enterprise” (me) fires her port broadside at “Swan”, a British ship-rigged sloop of war (Dobbs).

The American schooner “Enterprise” (me) fires her port broadside at “Swan”, a British ship-rigged sloop of war (Dobbs).

We took Murphy for an afternoon walk to stretch our legs. There are many paths and roads through the community - we still don’t know where they all go. Today we walked alongside a hilly area of the golf course, bordered by a pond on the opposite side. Later, I made one of my favorite meals - spaghetti - using sauce I’d prepared and canned back in September. When I finish writing, we’re going to sit a votive candle atop an Entenmann’s chocolate-covered donut and sing “Happy Birthday”. I wanted chocolate Tastykake cupcakes, but they don’t have them here! (No wonder the South lost.) The donuts were a good second.

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