Sunday Fun Day!

2/17 Sunday, 83/60, sunny, SE10-15 - Dobbs and I enjoyed sleeping a little later on this beautiful Sunday morning. It’s become officially “Florida hot” - where the coolness of morning feels so delightful, but gives way to the heat of the sun minute-by-minute. The day warms rapidly and we close blinds and encourage airflow, to try to keep Grace from becoming stifling. At sunset, the outdoor air cools, but it takes a couple hours for Grace to cool inside, especially with me cooking dinner.

Mmmmm…heuvos rancheros for breakfast.

Mmmmm…heuvos rancheros for breakfast.

By the time Murphy got his morning walk, Jeff and Michelle were on the road to a campground in Jacksonville. Dobbs and I practiced Yoga in the Park at 10am, with perhaps the largest group since we arrived here. The instructor, while young and so I thought perhaps inexperienced, showed her skill and care as she guided us expertly through a flowing stretching practice. I think part of what I like about community yoga in park pavilions is that it reminds me of past good times camping out for Grateful Dead tickets - lying on a wool blanket on concrete, under a metal roof, listening to pigeons murmur and smelling faint hints of cigarettes, food, and dirt intermingled with sandalwood. I could rest there all day.

Instead, after yoga, we rode to the hardware store. When we got back to Grace, we ate lunch. Then we went for an afternoon sail. Drakkar had headed out about two hours prior.

Planet Express texted with their location which included a course track of where they cross to “the lake” - a wide area of deeper water in the southeast corner of the next stretch of lagoon to the south.


We’d been wanting to explore it but weren’t sure where the “sweet” spot was in-between the spoil banks that line the channel. We followed their track and saw 6+ feet across, and then we could sail for at least a mile in any direction. That’s a lot of room on the narrow, shallow Florida ICW.

A huge flock of waterfowl, possibly lesser scaups, had congregated.


We crossed paths with Planet Express about mid-lake, exchanging greetings.


I spied Drakkar at a distance, running north in the channel. We continued beating south until we had a swath of deep water back into the channel, down by the NASA Causeway Bridge, and then turned to broad-reach home.


We were able to demonstrate the usefulness of a whisker pole for downwind sailing. Grace was back in her slip around 5:30pm.

We blasted up to Sav-A-Lot for some groceries and then I made us a spaghetti dinner. The rest of my evening, until close to midnight, was spent preparing an estimate for the owners for Planet Express. They requested quite a bit of work that we can do well - it’s just a question of whether we can fit in all in before our departure.

Dobbs entertains himself while staying up with me.

Dobbs entertains himself while staying up with me.