Sunday 11/4

5:50pm, 57/48, E5-10, sunny - I did sleep well last night. We set the clocks back an hour before bed and relished the extra hour of rest. Again we awoke at 5am to make the most of the ebb tide. We swapped out the 95% jib for the 135% genoa in anticipation of light wind. We got underway at 8am, about an hour later than expected because the spinnaker halyard fouled on the pull-ring of the furler’s halyard swivel snap shackle while we were lifting the dinghy onto the deck. After the dinghy was safely aboard, Dobbs inspected both halyards for damage. The cover of the spinnaker halyard is abraded - only a little, but it’s enough to prod me forward on replacing it with Endura Braid - it has a an important job, lifting the dinghy. (It carries a spinnaker too, but that’s easy work.)

The breeze was light all day. We sailed a little, motor-sailed some, and straight-out motored the rest.

Dobbs sets the spinnaker pole as a whisker pole for the 135% genoa.

Dobbs sets the spinnaker pole as a whisker pole for the 135% genoa.

Sunshine was abundant.


We decided to pull into the Rhode River since the next option, Oxford, was sufficiently far that we would have arrived at sunset or later. Instead we dropped anchor off Carr’s Wharf at 3pm. We uncorked a bottle of champagne to celebrate being south of Rock Hall, the end of last year’s attempt at cruising south. It’s a scenic anchorage and just a couple hundred yards across a channel to a public landing where Murphy can go ashore.


While I made dinner (sausage, peppers, and onions on a roll with provolone and a side of canned green beans), Dobbs rowed Murphy over. We plan to retire before 8pm tonight to wake up at 4am and be underway at dawn.