St. Augustine, FL

12/29 Saturday, 1117.2, 75/65, rain, SE5>NE5 and heavy sea fog at dusk - After breakfast and walking Murphy, we motored away from the dock with the sun peeking above the horizon.


The ICW entrance on the south side of the St. John’s River crossing has been completely re-worked. It felt strange to see the MX Mariner boat icon moving over an island instead of in the channel, but the markers were clear and we had no trouble. We continued under motor to St. Augustine, taking turns at the helm through fairly constant drizzle. Grace passed through the Bridge of Lions at the 2:30pm opening.

We’d hoped to stay at a marina on the San Sebastian River just south of the city, but all those marinas received extensive hurricane damage. Some are open but none had fuel, which we needed. River’s Edge was open but didn’t have room for us. The marinas on the San Sebastian River are substantially closer to the Winn-Dixie and away from the bustling waterfront. With no other options, we embraced the municipal marina. To save time, rather than stopping at the fuel dock, we went right to our slip. Then, while I walked out to the grocery store (35 minutes each way),…

Turning the corner onto A1A.

Turning the corner onto A1A.

…Dobbs jugged fuel, filled our water tank, shifted some cargo to correct a little list to starboard, dug out our warm weather clothes, checked the engine oil, and changed the transmission fluid. When I returned, I stowed the groceries and set out a snack in the cockpit. A heavy sea fog was filling in, which works well visually for St. Augustine’s lights and Spanish architecture.

Before dinner I took Murphy for a short walk through a section of the old town and he delighted in all the people.


Then Dobbs and I took long hot showers. I made roasted cauliflower curry with cashews and served it over rice.


At 9:30pm (slack tide), we warped Grace around in the slip to be facing bow-out for departure in the morning.

Before turning around.

Before turning around.

There was a wedding going on on the rooftop of the A1A Ale Works and the music was LOUD; thankfully, it was also fun and we danced on the dock as we worked.