Spicy Sailing

2/24 Sunday, 86/61, mostly sunny, W20-25 - Dobbs and I slept adequately in the quarterberths - they’re perfect for sleeping underway, but as general accommodations they’re tight. Neither is as comfortable or cool as the V-berth we’re already missing, but it’s also fun to have friends staying with us. Everyone got up around 7:30am. I made coffee and breakfast - scrambled eggs, vanilla yogurt, and sliced fresh pineapple.

Joe and Carla joined us for Yoga in the Park at 10am - we walked over together. Today, the practice was on the grass in the shade of some trees. The instructor guided us through poses that were ideal for beginners. After yoga, everyone did their own thing until lunch time - Carla went running, Joe used his computer in the air-conditioned comfort of the lounge, Dobbs finished the remaining splice for Planet Express, and I wrote in the log.

For lunch, I served turkey wraps and “Hippeas” chick pea puffs (don’t knock ‘em - they’re delicious AND good for you - like a guilt-free Cheeto!). Around 2pm, we cast off the dock lines to go out sailing. Chris had taken Drakkar out perhaps a half-hour earlier. Until we motored clear of the marina, the strength of the wind wasn’t apparent. We set second reef main and jib and sailed, beam-reaching, south toward the A. Max Brewer Bridge. Once we cleared the bridge and the wind shadow of the tower buildings, we needed the 3rd reef in the main to keep Grace comfortable.

Everyone was enjoying the ride, so we continued on in search of Drakkar.


We met up with them a few markers north of the NASA Causeway Bridge, firing a broadside of smiles and cheers as we passed.

We sailed down to the last pair of markers before the bridge and came about - the chase was on! Drakkar was carrying just a handkerchief of jib and still making good time. Grace had a bone in her teeth and our sail plan was well-balanced.

We overtook Drakkar about halfway back to the Brewer bridge - a great opportunity for shared picture-taking, accolades, and taunts.

Dobbs guided Grace back under the bridge, still under sail, and then, once I doused the sails, steered us to and through the marina and into our slip. Joe jumped on making margaritas - the BEST margaritas, which we slurped while reclining in the cockpit. Chris and crew Steve came over to share sailing tales - it was one heck of a spicy day. Later, after showers, Joe, Carla, Dobbs, and I walked to the Playalinda Brewing Co. in town for dinner. I ordered another “flight” of five 5oz. beers for Dobbs and me to share, this time going with ones with fruity, sweet notes: Hardware Hardwater, Cask Coffee Pale Ale, Cocomel, Scrub Jay Lemon Wheat, and Siriously Mango. They have table games at the water station, so we played Connect4 while waiting for our sandwiches.


What a fine day! We walked home and tucked into our berths.