South Harbor Village Marina

3/24 Sunday, South Village Harbor Marina (Southport, NC), 1248.5, 68/55, sunny, SW10 - The alarm gently sounded at 5am and I was ready, well-rested from a sound sleep. We had leftovers from dinner with eggs and toast for breakfast, took care of morning chores (walk Murphy, empty liquids jug from composting head, take out trash, fill water tank), and got underway at 7am. The cold air created a mist on the waterway that was highlighted in pastels in the morning light.

We passed through 3 swing bridges today, all on request.


We also transited The Rockpile, Shallotte Inlet, and Lockwoods Folly Inlet - Dobbs navigated them all.

The town of Holden Beach, approaching Lockwood’s Folly Inlet.

The town of Holden Beach, approaching Lockwood’s Folly Inlet.

We’re glad to have these challenging stretches behind us. We passed the plywood soldier, the 501 bridge, and the place with the interesting buoy junk.


The Myrtle Beach golf course cable car crossing, an ICW landmark, was removed earlier this year, and only a building remains.

We’ve stopped just on the outskirts of Southport for the evening, as the Cape Fear River was at max ebb at 4pm. Something we’ve learned in the last twenty years - don’t do battle with the Cape Fear River when the tide is against you. You can easily spend hours barely moving. Tomorrow morning, both tide and wind will be in our favor.