Solomon's, MD

4/5 Friday, Zahniser’s Yachting Center, 1323.1, 50’s/50 rain, NE10-15>E10-15 - As we motored out of the Great Wicomico, it was apparent that NOAA had confused NE and SE. They’ve been promising a SE or even E wind for two days now, and every day it’s NE (and we live in the town of North East, which is the direction we need to go!). The Potomac was ebbing and the waves off Ingram Bay and Smith Point were much higher than one might expect given the wind conditions.

Our plan had been to cross the Traffic Separation Scheme and then turn north, swinging wide of the Potomac to avoid the larger, steeper waves, but a constant stream of commercial traffic kept us pinned to Smith Point.

I set the main with the 2nd reef to act as a stabilizing sail, and we were pleasantly surprised to find that it would carry.


Smith Point

As soon as we were clear of Smith Point, we shut down the engine, brought out the jib, and pointed the bow toward Point No Point. We welcomed each other to Maryland.


Point No Point

The breeze held nicely for 33 miles to Solomon’s, where we took a slip at Zahniser’s. The day had been damp and cold, and we were looking forward to running our portable heater to warm ourselves up. Despite the lure of hot showers, except to walk Murphy, we never left the boat. I made spaghetti with white beans and kale, with garlic toast, for dinner. Dobbs washed the dishes while I put together a blog page and then we went to bed.