Sitting Tight

3/26 Tuesday, Carolina Beach State Park, 55/41, sunny, NE20 - Gale conditions were forecast for this afternoon and evening, so we decided to stay put. Our concerns were that if the wind did actually build over 25 knots, the drawbridges north of here might not open, and also that no stopping points within 70 miles north were as good as right here. As it stands now, the wind is failing to appear - the gradient offshore must be quite steep. We slept for 10-1/2 hours last evening, which I take to mean we needed it.

After breakfast, I walked Murphy on the Snow’s Cut Trail, up to the old bridge abutments and back.


When we returned, I showered and, afterward, stopped in at the office to pay for another night’s dockage. I finished an entry in our online travelogue before lunch. In the afternoon, Dobbs and I started contacting the clients on our Spring scheduling list and lining up work. We hope to be home no later than April 9th in order to start work on the 10th. With these two days lost to weather and no others, that will be a tall order for our stamina and Grace’s speed through the water. We’ll do our best.

At 3pm, Dobbs and I took Murphy for a long walk - 2-1/2 hours exploring the sandy pine forest and dunes to the south.

Now, as I’m sitting here writing, I’m the only one still awake. Murphy is dreaming at my feet, Maxwell is napping on Dobbs’ chest, and Dobbs is softly snoring, stretched out on his seat. Tonight’s dinner was penne pasta with marinara sauce, mushrooms, green peppers, and vegetable sausage.


Our appetites these days are substantial.