Sunday Sailing Fun

1/13 Sunday, 81/54, sunny, SW10-15, 1140.1 - Another pleasant morning of sleeping until 7am, with the ports open and a cool, soft breeze wafting in. At breakfast-time, I made homefries of roasted red potatoes our neighbor Danae gave me last evening, left over from a cookout. With some onions thrown in and served alongside bacon and eggs, they were delicious.

Husk cherry preserves I made this summer.

Husk cherry preserves I made this summer.

I walked over to “Yoga in the Park”, which started at 10am. The Yoga Loft, an establishment in town, offers free/donation-based yoga practice on Sunday mornings at Sand Point Park. I met two couples cruising south on powerboats out of Cutter Marina, which is off Middle River in Essex, MD - we work there several times a year. About 15 people of all ages, colors, sexes, and shapes attended - truly a beautiful diverse group, out welcoming morning on the Indian River. The practice was similar to what Dobbs and I do at home - gentle, with flowing stretches and holds - and I was able to follow along with the instructor.

Back at Grace, over lunch, we decided to go out sailing. A fellow from another dock - Chris - was taking some marina folks out sailing on his 1976 Columbia 8.7. We thought it would be fun to give chase, so we finished lunch, cast off the lines, and caught up with them about 4 miles south of Titusville.

Zipping past in Grace was enough encouragement for them to hoist the mainsail (they had been sailing under genoa alone); we had fun tacking and jibing and sailing in company for a while. For both Dobbs and me, the best “racing” moment is when the slower boat’s crew starts looking at their sails, having noted that something is different about the faster boat, and then starts tweaking. We are either of these boats depending on the company we keep! Drakkar sailed off to the south and we headed north.

Several boats were out sailing this day, and it was a joy to have company. We sailed up to the railroad bridge, tacked around, and headed back to the marina.


Once the boats were put away, the camaraderie continued as Dobbs visited Chris and crew on Drakkar and then they came by Grace. Later, we ate some cheese, crackers, carrots, and olives as a snack. I read for a while - Carl Hiaasen’s “Stormy Weather”, tucked up on a main salon seat down below; Dobbs worked on a new type of soft shackle.

For dinner, I was feeling lazy and wanting comfort food, so I reprised last night’s meal, this time with spaghetti instead of penne. It’s now 7:35pm. Dobbs is tweaking Sails of Glory modifications on the computer and I’m about to head up to the shower. Dishes and dog walk stand between us and bed. To think, as a kid, I used to beg to stay up late!