Revisiting Synthetic Standing Rigging

12/12, 59/43, sunny, NW10 - After a routine morning, Dobbs added our beach photo into our holiday letter and now it’s ready to send. In previous years, we’ve sent our letter by US Mail. This year, we’ll be sending it by e-mail, and that prompted us to update the contact information in our address books.

I worked on an estimate - new standing rigging for a Tartan Offshore Cruising Ketch - up until lunchtime. The owner is open to Dyneema as an alternative to wire and, while in years past I didn’t think it was quite there yet in terms of cost and efficiency over wire for our clients on the Northern Chesapeake, it’s looking like the tide may be turning. More research is needed, and I’ll share the details once I work up a comparison.

Photo credit: Colligo Marine

Photo credit: Colligo Marine

In the afternoon we drove out to print some documents at Staples and fetch groceries. Two hours passes quickly since it takes 15-25 minutes to get to the commerce centers; another 15-25 minutes to return to the marina. 3 o’clock traffic is starting to get crazy as holiday visitors arrive and people start gift shopping in earnest; this coupled with school letting out. Note to self: Shop in the morning from now on.

Back at Grace, we attended to more basic duties - putting away groceries, dog walking, and a few business communications. Dinner was simple - baked potato, red beets (from dried), and canned greens that I put up at the beginning of August.


I found that the red beets lose their good earthy-sweet flavor when dried. Canning is a far better method for preserving these qualities.

Dobbs and I are both pretty tired tonight. Since it’s warm enough to be outdoors, we spend a considerable amount of time walking - dog walking, walking to and from the marina bathroom, walking to and from the parking lot. I suspect the short days play on our natural instinct to “hole up” too. On the upside, we have more time for stargazing!

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