3/5 Tuesday, 55/32, sunny (rain until 10am), NW10-15>20 - We decided to stay another day or two at Kilkenny Marina. It was cold and raining this morning, and I didn’t feel like facing crab pots, cold front, and questionable transmission on a dreary day. Thursday promises warm, mild conditions. I set out cereal for breakfast, but when I opened our carton of Parmalat and poured it on my cereal, it came out in chunks. I suppose “shelf stable” still depends upon an expiration date (which was in 2018…). We ran out of fresh milk yesterday. No problem. We had two eggs, a nub of smoked sausage, and a handful of kale left, so I fried it up with some toast and we were good to go. Rain drummed on the deck until about 10am.


Dobbs and I took Murphy for a walk and I paid for another night’s dockage. I asked about a food store and learned there’s one 4.8 miles away. One of the two brothers who own and run the marina offered to drive me in his truck and I accepted. We really like these folks. Their father built the marina in 1960. It’s a fish camp, but they embraced the cruising fleet too. There is no WIFI, marginal cell signal, no restaurant, pool, or tennis court, and the bathhouse is unheated; but, you can get live bait 7am to 7pm, seven days a week.


The shower water is hot and plentiful, they have a wonderful porch with swings, and the view out over the salt marsh is breathtaking. It’s quiet.


The brothers’ dad passed away in 2012 and they’ve kept up his legacy, even as development encroaches on all unprotected land in this area. Kilkenny is a gem, a relic of a simpler, slower time.

In the afternoon, Dobbs, Murphy, and I took a long walk down the road to stretch our legs. By 4pm, the day was warm enough for us to spend some time in the cockpit. The cold at least keeps the black flies at bay.


For dinner, I made eggplant curry.


We’ve been reading all day, and I’ve done some writing and even colored a little. I’m enjoying a break from travel.