Preparing to Get Underway

2/25 Monday, 73/60, cloudy, NE25-30 - The wind came up during the night, howling through sailboat rigging and driving waves into the marina, so that the basin was like a washing machine. Grace see-sawed and heeled to starboard. Sleeping was challenging. Murphy back-slid with his digestion, too, so Dobbs and I were up about every two hours taking him to shore. I still woke up at 6am because I knew we had a full day ahead. Also, I like getting up an hour before everyone else so I can savor some quiet time to myself.

I made us breakfast - same as yesterday morning. While Dobbs filled our spare diesel jug, Joe and Carla packed and prepared to depart for Florida’s West Coast. Joe ran Dobbs up to Boggs Gas to top-off our propane tank. It needed so little that they gave us the propane for free - mighty nice of them. I was creating a menu and grocery list. Joe and Carla left around 10am. At 11am Dobbs and I bicycled to the Walmart for supplies. We returned to Grace, ate lunch, and then rode to the liquor store for wine. Then, we made two trips to Sav-A-Lot and one to Publix to ferry all the groceries home. This should last us until Hilton Head, SC, or about 10 days. We decided to stop there, delay our departure by a day, and do the remaining prep tomorrow. Laundry and stowing the bicycle are what remains.

For dinner, I made pierogis with sautéed chicken, onions, garlic, and red peppers. We took the liberty of leaving the dirty dishes on the counter and going to bed early.