Oriental Town Dock

3/29 Friday, Oriental Town Dock #2, 1280.3, 73/50, sunny, SW10 - Up again before dawn to continue our northward journey. The moon was illuminating the Swansboro waterfront as the horizon grew rosy in the east, while I took Murphy for his morning walk.


We met a group of Muscovy ducks wandering downtown. They showed little concern for Murph and after he had a sniff, he was on to other things. We got underway at quarter-to-seven and were shortly after motoring northeast on Bogue Sound. It was flat calm, such that the poles of the channel markers melded seamlessly with their reflections on the water.


We motored all day - past Morehead City and Beaufort and up the Adams Creek Canal to Oriental.

Town Dock #1 (where we usually go) was taken by a Grand Banks trawler and a Hanse sailboat from New Bern, and an attractive, capable-looking Atkin Ingrid double-ender ketch was tied to the north face of Town Dock #2. That left the south face, in a tight nook beside a sea-going shrimper, for us, and Dobbs carefully sawed our old girl back in there.


The couple on the ketch offered us a friendly welcome, and Dobbs and I settled into Grace’s cockpit for G&T’s. The sun was bright and warm on our skin. After cocktails, we did some maintenance - checking oil and transmission fluid; tightening the stuffing box a little; checking the engine mount nuts, finding that same one loose again, and tightening it with a bigger wrench. I caught up on our travelogue. For dinner, I made penne with marinara, vegetarian Italian sausage, green peppers, and mushrooms.


After eating, we played a few rounds of a dice game Dobbs wanted to test, and then took Murphy for a nice long walk before sunset.

When we returned to Grace, we emptied and re-charged our composting head. Dishes were washed, the bed was made, and nine o’clock showed up right on schedule.