One More Day...

3/27 Wednesday, Carolina Beach State Park, 1258.7 (because “Accessory” got keyed and the alarm doesn’t work, so we didn’t know), 56/43, NNE20-25>35, partly cloudy - When my alarm sounded at 5am, it was cold and windy - obvious that we’d stay another night. I turned off the alarm and slept for another two hours. These days, sleeping and eating seem to be dominating my existence. Speaking of which, for breakfast, I made us some eggs, toast, kale, and vegetable bacon. After eating, I stayed at the table in my pajamas, finishing a cup of coffee and working through the remainder of our Spring scheduling list. Dobbs took Murphy for his morning walk, following the same trail as I did yesterday - the one overlooking Snow’s Cut.


By 11am, I’d finished making all our contacts and gotten dressed besides. With the wind blowing strong, it took a while for the little space heater to warm the boat back up after letting it cool off through the evening. I like it pretty cool for sleeping. I made us sandwiches for lunch and then we washed a load of laundry. While I was up at the marina building, I noticed a sign posted - a hotline for providing information on sturgeon sightings. As it turns out, that’s what Dobbs found yesterday - the big, dead fish - it was a sturgeon.


Dobbs called the number and made a report. He even got to text pictures to the researcher, who said that someone would come out to collect the remains. As a “reward”, we're getting sturgeon stickers mailed to us!

At 3pm, we walked out to the main road for a couple more supplies and then hiked home on the Snow’s Cut trail.


Murphy seemed tired and disoriented on the road, and we thought going back through the woods might perk him up a little. It did. I think he’s just sore from all the walking - he is 14 after all, and has more than 10 miles on his paws since we pulled in here.

We reclined in the cockpit, again basking in the warmth of the late afternoon sun, until 6pm.


Then, I made dinner - pressure-cooked potatoes, turkey Spam, and broccoli with lemon. Tonight will be an early night, as we plan to get underway at 6:45 tomorrow morning.