Preparations for Getting Underway

12/22 Saturday, 55/39, sunny, W15-20>10-15 - We DID sleep well last evening, knowing that Grace was operational again. In the evenings, we set a little electric heater on low, to cycle if the temperature drops below about 55-degrees. The climate feels like early Fall on the Chesapeake - I wear long underwear about half the time and rarely need more than a jacket over a flannel shirt.

The morning’s project was to change the engine oil and clean the engine and its enclosure. The newest parts of it still being more than 30 years old, we have some small oil and water leaks. Keeping the engine clean lets us spot a problem sooner. Right now, we’re monitoring the water pump and the front main seal - both leak a little. We’d like to hold off on more major expenditures on this engine if we can and work toward replacing it in a couple years. We just weren’t ready to replace it yet, at the time the transmission failed. The engine is now as good as we can make it. We put the transmission through its paces again at the dock, while cycling the new oil.

After lunch, we drove out for a last load of groceries and took the used oil to the recycling center. When we returned to Grace, the wind had laid down and the sun was warm - I sat in the cockpit for a bit. The tide was very low from the full moon. The full moon seems to affect the tide more here, in SC, than on the Chesapeake. Maybe it’s an exponential thing - greater tidal range in general equates with greater extremes. Readers, do any of you know if this is the case, or just my perception? Later, Dobbs napped and I wrote for our blog and took Murphy for a walk. I’m enjoying reading the latest issue of Smithsonian magazine - the staff keeps the articles relevant to current events, with a balance of historic and fresh perspectives that go deeper into topics than mainstream media. Speaking of media, please bear with me as I try to incorporate some paid advertising on our site. I’m new to this, so it will take some time for me to learn about how to tailor where the ads show up (so as not to be a distraction). I’m hoping I can also have some input on what’s being advertised. Ultimately, if I can’t incorporate it without losing the feel our of site, then it will be discontinued. Thank you in advance for your patience! I can say that if you see a Coolibar ad anywhere on here, their gloves are saving my hands from further sun damage. Wearing them, even in summer heat, my hands stay cooler because the skin is shaded from the sun; also the silicone grip pads on the palms are as good as or better than any sailing gloves I’ve owned.

Dinner was a broccoli stir-fry with cashews, over rice. Dobbs is finishing up washing the dishes and we’ve talked of playing cards.

We actually played “Gobblet” first - a very fun board game that’s a bit like checkers and a bit like chess, with some Connect4 thrown in for good measure. Dobbs’ winning move snuck up on me such that I was starting to move my piece when he pointed out the win!

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