New Halyards for an S2 11.0C

2/2 Saturday, 73/59, partly cloudy, SE5-10 - We slept in just a little this morning - the day was too soft and pretty to ignore. Dobbs had a morning appointment with the owner of the Islander 36 to review the anchor/tricolor light project. I filled our water tank and walked Murphy, and then wandered out to an S2 11.0C, in a slip down the dock from us.

The owner, Russ, joined the potluck last evening and, after a discussion about improving efficiency in downwind sailing, requested an estimate for a spinnaker halyard and whisker pole topping lift. I checked out his mast to see what hardware he had and what we’d need to add. I noted that his spreader boots were worn through, so that went on the estimate too. Dobbs came along after finishing on the Islander. While I returned to Grace and wrote up the estimate, Dobbs gave Russ a hand with a couple tweaks for his Harken MkI Unit 2 headsail furler. Russ received my proposal and agreed to all the work. He headed off to West Marine in Cocoa and I called in the parts order. The manager, Tommy (just like at home in North East!), pulled the items and had them ready for Russ to pick up around 2:30pm. In the meantime, Dobbs and I rode out to the Ace Hardware for tools and fasteners. We all arrived back at the marina about the same time (Dobbs and I rode down scenic Indian River Boulevard to appreciate the homes and gardens).

Dobbs and I got right to work splicing the halyards. I finished the halyards off with whippings and Dobbs headed up the mast to install the hardware.

I went back to Grace to walk Murphy and feed the pets their dinner.

Our sweet dog awaits his walk.

Our sweet dog awaits his walk.

By sunset, we’d completed everything but affixing the mast cleat for the pole lift - we’ll get that tomorrow after yoga. We carried our tools back down the down and stowed them below. Finally, it was time for a gin-and-tonic!

We had spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner, which is always easy comfort food after a long day. We’re tired! And still there are dishes to wash and showers to take.