Moving Aboard

High 57 degrees / Low 48 degrees, wind W 5-10 knots

Day 44 of enjoying our boat this year.


We moved aboard for winter cruising today. It took only two trips with the truck and about 6 hours loading, unloading, and loading again.


The port quarterberth holds 3 cases of canned and dried food; 1 case of winter squash, onions, garlic, and potatoes; and 1 box of baking supplies (plus a violin and select Sails of Glory pieces).

In the starboard quarterbeth - along with the regular equipment of boarding ladder, bucket with washdown supplies, life preservers, a 6-gallon water jug, oars and boat hook - we’ve added the bosun’s chair, a drill and bits, wet suits, and a dry bag filled with warm-weather clothing. Dobbs filled our diesel tank and jug, totaling 18 gallons. In the locker under my seat at the settee, I’ve stored pet food, grains, and a month’s worth of canned and dried food. The locker under Dobbs’ seat is reserved for tools, a portable electric heater, and lamp oil. Our clothes are in the hanging locker and canvas bags. To our regular pots and pans collection I’ve added our pressure cooker, cast iron skillet, and Dutch oven from home.


As icing on the cake of a successful day, Dobbs spotted a wood duck near the beach area - it is a magnificently decorated bird.


I made us a dinner of fried eggplant, Harvard beets and baked (pressure-cooked) potatoes. Now, just before 8pm, Dobbs is working on the dishes.