1/27 Sunday, 61/50, rain, N25-30 - The wind continues. Dobbs slept through the night; I woke up about every two hours due to the fast and uneven motion of the boat in the waves ricocheting off the seawall. I heard rain begin to patter on the deck just before dawn. I understand this region is under a severe drought, so a day of steady rain should be beneficial. Dobbs and I went about our usual weekend morning routine but, except for walking Murphy, stayed inside reading, writing, and creating things on the computer.

I called my Mom and we talked for 45 minutes - a sweet conversation about the little things that make up a day, how we’re feeling, and being together again in April.

I made lunch and then, after eating, Dobbs and I donned foul weather gear and went up to the lounge for some time on solid, stable ground.


Dobbs couldn’t find any takers for a game of Sails of Glory, so he wandered back to Grace. I selected a cushy loveseat, removed my shoes and put my feet up, and spent a couple hours reading. Beyond the walls of the lounge, I could hear the wind shrieking through the rigging of the boats, furling masts howling, halyards clanging, and the occasional flag beating itself ragged. A couple unfortunate sails suffered as well. Through a window, I could see palm trees - their fronds blown off to leeward and whipping around in the wind and rain.

At 3:30pm, I decided to take a walk for some exercise. Dobbs joined me and we trekked across the A. Max Brewer Bridge. This made for quite an experience - being shoved around by the breeze and the rain stinging our cheeks as we made our way up and over the bridge.


We occasionally stopped to watch dolphins and take in the view, though visibility was only about a half mile, in fog. Two joggers passed us going the opposite direction, so we weren’t the only nutters out there.

Over on Merritt Island, we walked the short distance to the little beach at Parrish Park and watched small shorebirds fishing in the surf.

Sandpipers, I’m pretty sure, but does anyone know which kind specifically?

Sandpipers, I’m pretty sure, but does anyone know which kind specifically?

Then back across the bridge we went, through the park to the marina and down the dock to Grace. I took Murphy for a quick walk while Dobbs tweaked our dock lines.

We’re in for the night now. I heated up Greek vegetable stew that I canned this summer and paired it with grilled ham and cheese on rye and dill pickle spears. I used pot clamps to secure our soup on the stovetop and set everything for the table on cloths to keep it from sliding. After dinner, we promptly washed the dishes to get them back in the cabinets and off the counter. A little while later, while I was writing in the log, I suddenly felt very relaxed and tired. Dobbs kindly made up our bed so that I could lie down, and it was only an hour or so later that I realized that the wind had backed and eased and the motion of the boat had settled down significantly. My body realized before my mind did that the weather was improving, and like all good sailors, with the threat to the boat removed, it was time to rest.