Meatloaf Monday

2/4 Monday, 68/52, partly cloudy, N10-15 - Whew! What a day. I remembered over the weekend that somehow I’d missed filing our MD Sales Tax returns for November and December (probably something to do with a boat transmission…), so I did that right after breakfast, along with January’s as well. Dobbs visited a boat we’ll be working on, to measure for some new running rigging and hardware. I submitted a parts order to West Marine and another to Rig-Rite. I called Profurl too, for pricing on a part, but their system was down - I’ll try again tomorrow.

Mid-morning, Dobbs and I rode to the Titusville Post Office to mail a Valentine to my Mom. While I was waiting in line, the senior lady behind me politely asked if I had a cell phone and could I call the bus company for her. She knew the number by heart and explained that she’d gotten confused at the bus stop at the bank, where she’d been delivered by the Para-Transit bus, and gotten on the wrong bus (the city bus) and ended up at the Post Office, 2 miles from where the Para-Transit bus would be returning to pick her up. I called the bus company on her behalf and was able to gently work through the bureaucracy to have a bus come and take the lady home. Dobbs and I know what it’s like to try to understand bus schedules and get on the right one - not easy!

We rode from the post office to the Sav-A-Lot for groceries, and then home to Grace for lunch. In the afternoon, Dobbs spliced soft shackles and replied to an inquiry about how to adjust the line guard opening on a Harken MkII furler. We discussed ideas for a splicing class here at the marina and started laying the groundwork. A challenge is that since this is a municipal marina, we’re not allowed to charge for the class. We need to figure out what’s practical to offer for goodwill.

Tonight was game night at The Infinite Mushroom, which meant a shortened work day and early dinner. I made meatloaf, mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy, and green beans - YUM.

Please pardon the half-eaten meal. It was so tasty, this is where I was when I remembered I’d wanted to take a picture.

Please pardon the half-eaten meal. It was so tasty, this is where I was when I remembered I’d wanted to take a picture.

At the game store, 8 of us sat down to play Munchkin, with two sets blended - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Marvel. Again it was fun to be gaming, but just like last week I was unimpressed with the games. Munchkin, in my mind, has expanded itself well into monotony. It started as a spoof on Dungeons & Dragons and it’s gone so far from that as to be unrecognizable. The variations lend too much complexity and (showing my age here) the print on the cards is too small to read across the table. I’m also disappointed by what I perceive to be a lack of showmanship in some gamers, who seem to be interesting, smart people. Half-watching an 80’s sci-fi fantasy movie on TV, or playing a cell phone game, or checking phones and texting - not making much of an effort to contribute to the social experience of table-top gaming. People - this is your chance to keep human-to-human gaming interaction from fading into history! Since we’ve all showed up to play together, don’t you want to try to make it the best possible event?