Layover in Solomon's, MD

11/6, 967.2, S15-20>25, 60/55, some rain and clouds - We decided to make this a layover (and sleep late!) day as the forecast called for a strong front to pass during the day. My shoulders and biceps were sore this morning from all the trimming yesterday; Dobbs felt the wear in his knees and arms. Rest was welcome. No one from the harbor moved today.


I took the morning to catch up in our log, do some office work, and color a little. Yes, I like coloring - I always have; I find it very relaxing. I didn’t shed my pajamas until at least 10am.


Dobbs borrowed a bicycle and rode out to the hardware store to buy crazy glue. One of his miniatures had a spritsail yard carried away in the gale and he was eager to repair it.

After lunch, we did a load of laundry and took showers (Yes - showers!). Zahniser’s has the best showers, with water so hot I had to turn it down twice. When donning my foulie bottoms for the row in, I was surprised to see I’d torn out the right knee clambering around on deck yesterday. No wonder my right boot was soaked! The LL Bean rain pants were back-ups to a pair of Helly Hansen bibs that leaked like they weren’t even there. I filed them in a dumpster at Green Point Landing earlier in the week after hemming-and-hawing about it for 8 months. They weren’t cheap! But a wet bottom is miserable, so off they went. On a Zahniser’s bicycle, I rode out to West Marine and purchased a pair of 3rd Reef bibs. I liked them so much that after trying them on I simply cut off the tag and presented it at the register, not bothering to take them off again. I also bought 8mm Endura Braid to replace our worn spinnaker halyard (and a half-gallon of milk).


While riding past a wooded community, I smelled pine straw. This is one of my favorite first experiences as we move south - smelling pine straw. Spotting pelicans and gannets ranks highly too.

Meanwhile, Dobbs topped up Grace’s diesel tank from the jug and then rowed the jug to Solomon’s Island Marina to refill it (4 gal.). A deadrise was re-fueling at the same time, and the captain and Dobbs teased the dock attendant with who got which bill - the 4 gallons or the 65 gallons. And the 4 gallons to a boat with no motor! He also emptied the water jug and then made a couple trips to shore to fill the tank and refill the jug. We bought two 10lb blocks of ice for the ice box.

At 4:30pm, Bobby from “Child of the Wind” dinghied over and joined us for happy hour.


He wanted to check out Grace’s various systems, and then we sat below talking about tomorrow’s navigation and plans for the next couple months. I’d wanted to sit in the cockpit to catch the sunset, but showers persisted into the evening.