Turf and Surf

2/3 Sunday, 73/57, cloudy, N10-15, 1144.8 - It was warm enough last evening to leave the ports open. We awoke to a dense fog that isolated the marina from the river and town alike, so thick Murphy and I came back wet from the morning walk.


Dobbs and I practiced yoga in the park at 10am. Today’s instructor led us in an energetic flow punctuated by held stretches and breathing. It was the most strenuous practice I’ve done yet; even so, I really enjoyed it.

“Before”. The fleeces came off quickly once we got started. During the hour-long practice, the fog slowly lifted and then settled back in.

“Before”. The fleeces came off quickly once we got started. During the hour-long practice, the fog slowly lifted and then settled back in.

After yoga, Dobbs walked down the dock to the S2 11.0C Frui Vita and finished our work by installing a mast cleat for the whisker pole topping lift and then walking the owner through pole deployment. I thought out a menu for the coming week and made a grocery list. Then, when Dobbs finished with Russ, I put together an invoice and sent it over. We sat down to lunch around 1pm. Just before 2pm, Russ came by with payment. We were standing by to cast off our dock lines and move out to anchor so I could dive and check our prop.

When we were testing the new water pump and we put the engine in forward the first time, something unknown spun through the prop wash. Could have been marine life, a palm frond, or some bit of detritus…or a prop shaft nut. Inspecting it seemed prudent. Dobbs motored us across to shallows in the lee of a spoil island 3/4nm NE of the marina. We anchored in 6-7’ of water. I donned wetsuit, wool socks, fins, and mask while Dobbs deployed the boarding ladder and tossed a floating line out astern, in case I needed a hand-hold. Armed with camera, paint scraper, and a 3M green pad, I lowered myself over the side. While the sea temperature meter read 64.4 degrees, my wetsuit kept me comfortably warm for 15 minutes. The prop nuts and zincs were fine (the photos didn’t turn out because the water’s too murky), so I spent the rest of the time checking the bottom (smooth and nary a barnacle!) and cleaning a small patch of slime from the bow.


As we were cleaning up, patchy drizzle moved overhead so we motored back to our slip. I walked up to the bathhouse and took a hot shower and Dobbs rinsed all of the gear with fresh water. The Super Bowl was this evening, but we were both drowsy and content to read books, eat dinner, and go to bed. I heated up a jar of Spanish Bean Soup and made grilled cheese served with pickles. Dobbs took Murphy for an evening stroll and came back with a message from the Super Bowl party that we should come get some food - they still had plenty. We accepted the offer with gratitude, filled two containers with pork roast, fried chicken, potato salad, and vegetables, and enjoyed some snacking while we were there.