Inspecting an Island Packet 350

2/16 Saturday, 79/60, sunny, SE10 - When Murphy and I went for a morning walk, Jeff and Michelle joined us on a stroll around Sand Point Park, They travel with bicycles, so I showed them where to find the bike path over by the bridge and shared a map of the trails.

Dobbs and I had work scheduled for 10am - a rigging inspection of the Island Packet 350 Planet Express.


The owners also wanted new LED mast lights, so Dobbs replaced the original Aqua Signal 25 anchor light with a Smart Switch anchor/tricolor/strobe from Marinebeam. He also put new LED bulbs in their existing Hella combination steaming/deck light. Everything on the 18 year-old vessel checked out quite well.


There are some minor adjustments to be made to rigging tension and furling line fairleads. The biggest concern only made itself known when we went to take down the bosun’s chair - the auxiliary main halyard had to be pulled down with effort. Later, we found this to be the case with the messenger for the spinnaker halyard as well. Everything is clear at the masthead and also at the exit slots near the base of the mast, so our guess is that either the halyards got snagged when the radar was installed, or that when the halyards were first installed, with the mast down, they were crossed and/or run to the wrong side of the spreader bar. We made plans to revisit the situation another day to try and resolve it. We walked back to Grace and put our tools away, and then communicated with Jeff and Shelly, inviting them to join us again for dinner.

I needed some groceries, so Dobbs and I rode to the Sav-A-Lot. When we returned, Dobbs walked Murphy up to the road to let the Neyhards know Grace was open for guests. This night I made pan-fried tilapia seasoned with Old Bay, pressure-cooked potato halves, and steamed broccoli. It got a little warm inside the boat, but we had a pleasant time sitting around the table, eating, talking, and hiding from mosquitoes. Jeff and Michelle brought a cantaloupe that I sliced up for dessert. Later, we walked them up to Winnie Van Go, their motorhome, where they spent another night. Dobbs and I walked back to Grace and went about our evening routine.