Juggling Activities

12/6, 54/41, sunny, NE5-10 - I have worn myself out today. We planned to grocery shop and play tennis late morning, so we used the hours from 8 to 10am to do office work. At ten, we borrowed the car and drove to Walmart for groceries. We had about a half hour remaining afterward to play tennis. It was looking really good for me coming out ahead, but Dobbs tied it up 4-4 before we had to leave. Curious about the scoring? Follow this LINK to learn more. We took up playing tennis for a number of reasons: It’s fun, it’s mentally and physically challenging, free public courts are almost everywhere, and the essential gear (a racquet and a ball) require a minimum of financial outlay and storage space. Dobbs and I have had no professional instruction - we’ve learned from watching internet videos and better players, and paying attention when there’s a pro instructing someone else nearby. We play well enough to enjoy ourselves. Consider trying tennis. If you’re not into running so much, grab friends and play doubles. Or just show up at a court and express your interest. We’ve met many nice people playing tennis as we travel.

Back at Grace, I made us turkey sandwiches for lunch. Then I cleaned the insides of the galley countertop cabinets, which I forgot to do yesterday. Dobbs rearranged the way we have Coquille stored on the foredeck so that the forward hatch is clear. It occurred to me before bed last night that since we run our heater off an extension cord, albeit a heavy-duty cord, there’s always a risk of fire and we shouldn’t block our secondary means of escape.

Around 2pm I practiced yoga on the finger pier, the sun shining warmly on me. I find it fascinating how the concrete floating dock feels like solid ground to me, even though I can see it moving. Standing in the marina office on a fixed pier, I’m sure the office is moving (and it isn’t!). Dobbs did his own “yoga” - specifically the resting pose, napping with Maxwell in his lap and Murphy at his feet.

At 3pm I coaxed him out to practice juggling with me. Of course, he’s the old pro; I’ve learned a little over the years so that we can pass between us. Today he started teaching me how to juggle back-to-back with him, over our heads. Then it was time for Murphy’s walk.

When we sail south, one of the aspects we appreciate is that the days never get as short as they do in North East, MD. Right now, in Hilton Head, our sunset is at 5:17pm, compared to North East’s 4:39pm. Just 15 more days until the shortest day, and then we start the progression back to the light - I’m ready! Fall is catching up to us. The sycamores here are golden and dropping their leaves.


We showered before dinner so we’d have it out of the way before the evening chill set in. I made spaghetti with kale, dried tomatoes, garlic, mozzarella chunks, and parmesan. We played best of three gin rummy and I fell to Dobbs, 2-1. Now it’s time for washing dishes, evening dog walking, and bed - you’re probably getting to know the routine.

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