Jackson Creek, Deltaville, VA

11/7, 975.8, S5-7, 68/51, sunny - The alarm clock sounded at 4am, encouraging us to crawl from the warmth of our sleeping bags. We wanted to make a 6am departure from Solomon’s to try to get to Deltaville by sunset.


We were almost finished before we started, with a close call on our batteries. While I knew that #2 was getting low, I thought #1 was holding fine and ready for engine starting. Turns out it wasn’t and it dropped voltage quickly as I fired the glow plug. After sitting cold for a day, neither battery nor engine was perky. We still don’t know what happened - if it’s just our consumption is greater and recharge slower during these longer nights and cloudy days, or if something is amiss that we don’t yet understand. We replaced the whole system last year and it was reliable all summer, so ?? The engine did finally turn over and we breathed a sigh of relief. We’ll be paying even more careful attention to the batteries over the next couple days and weeks.


After two days of holing up for unsettled weather, the flight of cruisers from Solomon’s was impressive - Dobbs counted 23 sailboats at one point (and several powerboats). The tide was with us in the morning and never against us all day and the southerly breeze remained light.

Smith Point Light, on the southern shore of the Potomac River in Virginia.

Smith Point Light, on the southern shore of the Potomac River in Virginia.

We motored the whole way and anchored in Jackson Creek at 4pm. We were the second boat to anchor, and now there are a total of five boats, “Child of the Wind” included.


I cooked up cheeseburgers and sweet potato fries for dinner and now I’m thinking bed could be a very sweet thing.