Hunter Passage 450

2/5 Tuesday, 73/54, sunny, E5 - The boat was the perfect soft, warm temperature when we woke up this morning. After breakfast, I placed two more parts orders and replied to an e-mail. Dobbs and I revised our 3-strand splicing class offering to be donation-based, held this Saturday afternoon in the lounge. We made up flyers and the folks at the office printed them out and hung them up for us.


Around 10:30am we rode to the hardware store for fasteners, with a brief detour to the Mercury 7 monument, and then grocery-shopped on the way home.

While I was making lunch, Norm from B-dock stopped by to request a rigging inspection on the Hunter Passage 450 he owns. We agreed to meet at 1:45pm. Dobbs and I spent the rest of the afternoon doing the inspection and talking with Norm.

Rich, a cruiser we met in Hilton Head, arrived today - he’s in slip C-122, aboard the Pacific Seacraft 34 Green Ayes. After stopping by Grace and finding us absent, he texted and I directed his attention to the masthead of the Hunter.


He walked over to say hello and we made plans to get together later.

Around 5:30pm Rich came to Grace for G&T’s and snacks, and we caught up on our adventures since we were last together in Hilton Head.

20190205_175247 (2).jpg

Chris stopped by to drop off some bushing washers he made for us, to install around the gooseneck toggle on his boat. He’s a machinist and he does very good work. I invited Chris to join us and he accepted. We talked for another hour, and then I excused myself to start on dinner.

Shredding the Boston butt roast pieces we brought home from the Super Bowl party, I made pulled pork barbeque sandwiches, topped with coleslaw. We each had a side of potato salad, also left over from Sunday. I haven’t made barbeque sauce or pulled pork before, and I’m real happy with how it turned out - melt-in-your-mouth delicious.


Spring must be coming - as the days slowly increase in length, bedtime is here before I’m ready, and we seem to have so much to do.