Healing Murphy

2/22 Friday, 84/68, sunny, SE15 - Around 12:30pm last evening, I woke up to the sound of Murphy getting sick. I cleaned the floor and then took him out for a walk. The poor guy was in rough shape. After some walking, he seemed ready to try sleeping again (I was), and I was back in bed a little after 1am. Dobbs took the next round, at 5:30am. When I got up again at 7am, I decided to make rice for Murphy’s next couple meals. At breakfast, I gave him about 1/3 cup plain basmati rice. He had an appetite and kept it down.

Dobbs and I went to work on Planet Express - I spliced line while Dobbs installed hardware. We got the pole lift halyard hung and preventer control line system installed. Dobbs mounted the bail for the preventer at the aft end of the boom. The 6’ pole care track sections didn’t arrive until close to 5pm, so we couldn’t install any hardware for that system, but we planned out what would go where.

As we were about to sit down to happy hour in Grace’s cockpit, Dobbs came home with a sheet Norm asked him to splice. James of Tatiana sat on the finger pier and watched, trying to work out some bugs in his own technique. Later, Dobbs and I bicycled to Sav-A-Lot for food we needed for tonight and the next few days. I made garden salads with garbanzo beans for dinner. It’s so hot, I don’t feel like cooking or even eating much. Murphy is recovering well. At dinner, I mixed a little of his regular lamb & rice dog food in with the plain rice and he did fine with it. We’re still taking him out every 3-5 hours though, and I’m looking forward to being able to sleep through the night again soon.