Happy Valentine's Day!

2/14 Thursday, 73/54, sunny, N5-10 - I woke up at 6am feeling pretty good. I like some mornings when we have cereal for breakfast because I have more time to read and write while sipping coffee.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

The marina offered free cocoa and donuts this morning, a nice treat for this day of Sweethearts.

We had an appointment at 9:15am with a fellow named Gary who recently bought a Catalina 30TR that we were tied up next to on C-dock. It has a Harken MkIII furler and he had questions about how the system works. We showed him all we could on his boat, which still needs some rigging repairs to be functional (she’s a hurricane salvage), and then invited him over to Grace for a demo of a fully operational Harken furler (we have a MkIV, but the mechanics are the same).

After we wrapped up with Gary (wrapped up - furler pun - get it?), we rode 22 miles round-trip on the Coast-to-Coast Trail to visit the White Sands Buddhist Center in Mims. We were drawn by the photos we’d seen of the massive statues and gardens.


We returned to Grace for a late lunch. Actually, when we got back to the marina, I stopped in the office to collect our long-awaited rope order and found they were handing out mimosas, chocolate, and strawberries. A girl could get used to this!


After lunch, Dobbs and I reclined for a little while and then started to play Sails of Glory.


Around 3pm, dock neighbors James and Kristen came by and we moved the game out to their Tayana 37 Tatiana, where we proceeded to shoot each other full of holes until dinner time.


I made Sicilian eggplant pasta, but it didn’t turn out very good - I was tired, the store hasn’t had kale so the dish lacked greens, the eggplant was mediocre, and I under-cooked the pasta. It’s a simple dish that shines when made well (and I like it with zucchini instead of eggplant nowadays). Dobbs still enjoyed it and ate heartily.

It’s 9:40pm now and time for bed. I showered while Dobbs washed the dishes, and then he walked Murphy while I’ve been sitting here writing. He’s up at the bath house now.