Happy New Year!

1/1/2019 Tuesday, 1127.8, 82/63, sunny, SE5 - By dawn, the breeze and corresponding chop had died away to nothing and we awakened to a gentle cool morning on Mosquito Lagoon. Loons sang their tremulous song; dolphins surfaced to breathe.


Still in our pajamas, we launched the dinghy and, while I made coffee and washed dishes, Dobbs rowed Murphy to a spoil island. Then I made heuvos rancheros for breakfast and we opened a bottle of champagne (the $4 kind) to welcome the new year.

I tried to make mimosa-like cocktails by adding orange Gatorade to our glasses, but this caused the champagne to fizz up, pouring out over the edge and sending me dashing for the sink. I won’t do that again! In North East, friends of ours Dick and Tinker host a New Year’s Day breakfast and serve heuvos rancheros, so it felt like the right thing to have this morning. We thought of our friends and the good times we’ve shared. I’m homesick for the first time in my life. I get it now - I feel like I’ve left behind the very best people and the finest place on earth and for what? To be warm and seek new experiences. Previously that was enough but now, all that is our life on the Northern Chesapeake Bay calls to me.

After breakfast, we lounged in the cockpit and watched the cruisers heading south down the ICW. When the champagne was gone, we loaded Coquille back on deck and washed the dishes. The sun had warmed the day such that we broke out wetsuits and did some snorkeling. The water’s too murky to see more than a couple feet, but that was enough to let us clearly check Grace’s bottom for damage from grounding in Beaufort. The bottom looked great - no growth, no wear. The only thing of note is that the prop nut zinc is mostly gone. We hope the running gear will be okay without it until we get home - it would be challenging to replace it with the boat in the water.

Around lunchtime, we set off motoring the remaining 15 miles to Titusville.

We pulled into our slip, C-92, around 2:30pm. After tying up, we took some time to rinse out our wetsuits and put up the awning. We met some of our new dock neighbors and spent the balance of the day in quiet pursuits - reading, writing, reclining.

For dinner, I made pork, sauerkraut, and mashed potatoes - it’s a New Year’s Day tradition in my family. Pigs are a symbol of good luck and moving forward, and the many shreds of cabbage in sauerkraut are supposed to represent the wealth we wish each other in the coming year. Dobbs points out the pig wasn’t very lucky… Happy New Year!