Happy 55th Birthday, Dobbs!

3/30 Saturday, MM105, (didn’t write down mileage), partly cloudy, upper 60’s/50’s, SSW10-15 - Here we are again at “good old Hotel 105”, the swamp where the Alligator Pungo Canal meets the Alligator River. It’s both serenely beautiful and lonely in its isolation. We left Oriental at first light, motoring northeast on the calm Neuse River - the southwesterly breeze forecast had yet to fill in.


Today is Dobbs’ 55th birthday and the second time he’s celebrated his birthday on the Neuse River.


We motored past Mayo’s, across the placid Pamlico River, and north up the Pungo.

Mayo’s Fishery - we call it Mayo’s “Fish Clinic” - it’s another ICW landmark.

Mayo’s Fishery - we call it Mayo’s “Fish Clinic” - it’s another ICW landmark.

Approaching Belhaven, our electrical system started having fits. Some exploration revealed that, after so many thousand miles under Grace’s keel, the screws connecting the wires to the panel’s ground bus bar had all vibrated loose - an easy fix. We’d hoped to be stopping in Belhaven, but the weather appears to be taking a turn that suggests we should push on. A cold front will be ushering in several days of strong northerly breeze and is now forecast to arrive Sunday night. We need to be in Elizabeth City by then, so that we’ll be in protected canals for the brunt of it. While still in the Alligator-Pungo Canal, we stopped briefly to launch the dinghy and walk Murphy on solid ground.

We anchored at mile marker 105 just before sunset, having traveled 78 statute miles. There’s one other cruiser here - Gone Away, a ketch from Philadelphia.


Dinner was Annie’s shells and cheese topped with a stir-fry of broccoli, mushrooms, garlic, and bits of ham. I sang “Happy Birthday” to Dobbs as we sat across the table from each other.


The Hungry Birthday Boy