Flushing the Engine Cooling System

1/22 Tuesday, 1142.9, 72/63, partly cloudy, E15-20 - Last night’s sleeping was comfortable and tonight promises to be even better.

Full moon still shining brightly in the western sky as dawn breaks behind me.

Full moon still shining brightly in the western sky as dawn breaks behind me.

I finished a couple blog pages this morning while Dobbs replaced shift cables on the tandem and brought it up to 100% capability. We rode to the Sav-A-Lot for more white vinegar as a test run and enjoyed all 18 gears and both brakes.

Dobbs elected to reposition the sea strainer for our engine’s raw water intake a bit lower, to ensure it’s below the waterline and keeps positive flow to the water pump.


I arranged for another month of dockage here and then fixed a hiccup with our laptop that was hampering its e-mail application. After lunch, we set up a system for flushing the engine’s raw water cooling - a bucket with hoses and a drill pump to recirculate vinegar.


We struggled with getting the system to prime and hold prime. The Harbor Freight pump was suspect.

We rode 10 miles out to Tractor Supply in Mims and back, to buy a new pump. Oh Harbor Freight, you let me down - the new pump worked like a champ. We were pleased to see clear liquid and good flow coming from the engine. This further suggests that the water pump is the culprit. We finished the vinegar flush followed by a fresh water flush; we’ll do Salt Away tomorrow and again a day or two later.

I like the speed and distance advantage a bicycle offers, but I have less opportunity to take pictures. We passed many unique vintage signs, stately old homes, and cottages with character at either end of the bike trail (Titusville and Mims). The bike trail itself is well-maintained and includes an overpass.

I made borscht for dinner with the last of the dehydrated red beets from the 2018 harvest and cabbage, and paired it with grilled ham and cheese and pickles. How can it only be ten-after-eight?