Fitting a 7' Bicycle in a 31' Sailboat

2/26 Tuesday, 77/63, cloudy, E15>5-10 - I slept so very soundly last evening, back in our V-berth bed - all the room to sprawl and a cool breeze wafting in the ports. I awoke at 6am, put water on to boil for the coffee press, and washed last night’s dishes. Dobbs came out around 6:45am and took Murphy for a walk, and then fed the pets upon returning. Murphy’s still on a cooked rice and chicken diet. I wrote a little and we had bowls of cereal for breakfast.

At 7:30am, Dobbs started changing our engine’s transmission fluid (at 30 hours on the new tranny, following mechanic Brad’s instructions to the letter). I washed two loads of laundry. Then, around 10am, we rode to Sav-A-Lot and CVS for some last-minute supplies. As soon as we got back to the marina, Dobbs started disassembling the tandem.

It fit! I can’t believe it really, since we can’t fit any practical folding bicycle but we have a full-size tandem, albeit in pieces, in our quarterberths. We wrapped the frame in a 2-mil plastic sheet to contain grease from the crank gears and it went in the starboard quarterberth. The front wheel followed.

All the other components are at the aft end of the port quarterberth. I carefully packed the rest of our gear back in - we’re set to travel.


We toasted our success with Modelo beers and then spent the remainder of the afternoon socializing - calls to and from family and friends, and bidding farewell to the folks we’ve met here. I made tentative plans for tomorrow, to meet up with friends from North East River Yacht Club who are staying near Daytona. For dinner, I used the cast iron skillet and lid to roast a chicken breast with potatoes, carrots, onions, and celery. It came out just like it was made in an oven (maybe better) - all roasted, juicy goodness.


At dawn, we’ll motor clear of the marina and point Grace’s bow north - the journey of 1000 miles begins.