First Day on the Water 2018

I've been near the water my whole life, and yet there's still something very special about boating.  A couple years ago, an article in SpinSheet, our local (and incredibly good) sailing magazine talked about their "Century Club".  Log 100 days on the water (or more) in a year, e-mail Molly, and become a member.  I'd kept logs of various boating adventures before and this was good incentive to start doing it again.  Moreover, I liked the idea of encouraging myself to play on the water!  For those of us that own boats and rent seasonal slips, we pay a substantial price to be on the water.  We work hard to earn those dollars and look forward to "The Season" all winter long.  And yet it's easy to get caught up with working late, mowing the lawn, shopping for groceries...the myriad things that we "need" to do in our daily lives (okay, groceries are pretty necessary)...and not get down to the water.  Have you ever NOT felt better watching the world going by reflected in the waves?  Boating time is my time - to relax, to slow down and appreciate, to smile and wave at other boaters and just enjoy being in the moment

Saturday February 24th marked my (and Dobbs' too) first day on the water in 2018 - we launched our recreational plastic kayaks from Red Point Beach and paddled north and around Cara Cove, following the shoreline and startling a merganser near White Point.  A fair amount of flotsam drifted over from the Susquehanna River.  By the time we came around to the dock at Sandy Cove Conference Center, it was 4pm and time to head for home.  We paused at Red Point to appreciate the "music" of waves sloshing up into tubular channels in large blocks of bog iron.  It was interesting how the composition of the exposed shoreline changed, from red clay to white clay and sand, and with it, the vegetation. 

The kayaks always feel heavier on the walk home, our arms tired from paddling, but we also always feel good for having gone and explored our world. 

If you don't have a boat, we encourage you to visit marinas and clubs in your area - many boat owners are enthusiastic about sharing their experience with others.  If you have a little money saved and yearn for a craft of your own, consider a basic plastic kayak - they're virtually indestructible, easy to transport, and require little maintenance.

How many days will you get out on the water in 2018? 

Kayaking Lock 12 on the Susquehanna River, in PA, back in 2011.

Kayaking Lock 12 on the Susquehanna River, in PA, back in 2011.