Elizabeth City, NC

11/11, Mariner’s Wharf, 989.2, NE10-15, 54/39, sunny - It was frickin’ cold this morning - 29 degrees at 6am! Grace’s decks and sailcover were coated in frost. We got underway at 7am in order to make the 8:30am lock opening at South Mills.


I spied a river otter along the way (I’d hoped to see one). No photo though - he dove quickly.


We locked through and proceeded south in the Pasquotank.


We stopped at Lamb’s Marina for diesel and water and then continued on to Mariner’s Wharf. We picked the 11’ wide slip with port-side finger pier for a stern-to docking. Dobbs used the scissored spring lines technique we tried in Hampton to back us in under control. A nice woman greeted us and filled us in on the town offerings. Most things are the same, though this afternoon we were the only boat on the bulkhead.


We walked up to Colonial Cleaners to wash a load of laundry. I called Mom for our Sunday catch-up. Then we returned to Grace to drop off the laundry and pick up Murphy for sight-seeing in town. It’s still picturesque in its worn down but charming way - we’re fond of this town.

At 4pm, we retired to Grace to snug in for the night. Two hours passed as we poured over charts, cruising guides, and web pages to create a revised plan for acquiring a new starter. This cold and a forecast mid-week blow encouraged us to keep moving south instead of diverting west up the Albemarle to Edenton. There’s a Kubota dealer in Washington, NC, up the Pamlico - another free dock, but on a more protected river that should be easier to get into and out of.

For dinner, I made Reubens with homemade sauerkraut and a side of red beets, and I washed mine down with a Murphy’s stout - delicious.