Duplin River, GA

3/3 Sunday, 1190.7, 75/55, dense fog>partly cloudy, S5>10-15>15-20>20-25, pm severe thunderstorm warning and tornado watch - This shall be known as “not a fun day”. The best part was motoring over to the boat ramp to walk Murphy at 6:45 this morning. A charter captain was there with his skiff on a trailer, waiting for the tide to subside so he’d have an easier time launching. He and Dobbs talked “captain’s things” while I walked Murphy. Spring is starting here in Georgia - the deciduous trees are starting to bud and the marsh grass is bright green near its roots.


Dense fog set in and remained until we were across St. Simon’s Sound, approaching the high bridge at Lanier Island. The threat of thunderstorms loomed large.

I desperately wished to be anywhere else but on this exposed stretch of waterway, but here we are, spending the night anchored in the Duplin River. Dobbs rowed Murphy to shore at 5pm and then, as soon as he returned, we stowed the dinghy back on the foredeck. There’s a tornado watch until 11pm and a severe thunderstorm warning until 7:15pm. It’s 7:12pm now, and that storm seems to have passed just north of us.

Lightning flashes above the tree line.

Lightning flashes above the tree line.

We’ve done all that we can at this time - 7:1 on 100’ of chain and 75’ of 3-strand nylon, with chafe protection at the anchor roller; the sails are as secure as they can be; the tiller is tied amidships. Now we wait. A strong cold front will pass through in the next couple hours, bringing with it high winds and more thunderstorms and rain.