Carolina Beach State Park

3/25 Monday, Carolina Beach State Park, 1249.6, 73/52, partly cloudy, SW10 - Waiting for the tide to be with us up the Cape Fear River, we got to sleep in until 6am, a real treat.

It’s rare that the sun is rising while we’re still dockside.

It’s rare that the sun is rising while we’re still dockside.

We left South Harbor Village Marina at 8am, motored past Southport, and set sail broad-reaching up the Cape Fear River. The day was delightfully warm, with a gentle southwest breeze.


Southport, NC

As we sailed past mounded sand islands, we listened to gulls screeching in the wake of a nearby fishing boat.

We arrived at the Carolina Beach State Park marina around 11am.


I checked in while Dobbs squared away our lines, and then we took care of the morning duties that we didn’t have time for before departure (washing dishes and putting away our bedding). I heated up leftover chili for lunch. Then we walked the mile out to the Food Lion for groceries for the coming week. A mile is a bit of a haul walking home with a full load of groceries, so we took a nap afterward. I got up at 3:15pm and took Murphy off to explore the woods.

We walked the Sugarloaf Trail over to the Flytrap Trail and then came home on the Swamp Trail.

As we crossed the boardwalk on one section of the Flytrap Trail, I spied a black snake sleeping in a beam of sunlight.


Later, looking from the observation deck of the Flytrap Trail, I spotted pitcher plants and sundews.

Once we got on the Swamp Trail, I glimpsed what appeared to be a GIANT squirrel. I had no idea what it was, but it stood close to two feet tall and had a long, very bushy tail. When I returned to Grace, I Google-searched it and concluded that it must have been a fox squirrel. Click here to read a NC Observer article on the fox squirrel.


Dobbs and I enjoyed reclining in the cockpit and stayed out there until 6:30pm, talking in the sunlight and warmth, and appreciating the sights of this nook of the Cape Fear River.

Maxwell determines that it’s time for dinner.

Maxwell determines that it’s time for dinner.

Dinner was simple grilled ham and cheese, pickles, and canned Manhattan clam chowder. It’s 8:30pm now and Dobbs just finished the dishes and has taken Murphy out. I sense another early evening for us.