Boat, Sweet Boat

3/18 Monday, Skull Creek Marina, 68/48, sunny, NE5>SE10 - Yesterday at noon, Dobbs and I along with Murphy and Maxwell, left our cottage in Maryland and drove south in a rental Kia Forte sedan. Around 8pm, we stopped for dinner at a Ruby Tuesday in Fayetteville, NC. It had been our intention to spend the night at a nearby Days Inn - I’d made a reservation online. However, when I went to check in, the desk clerk presented me with a $40 pet fee that wasn’t included when I made the non-refundable reservation. The place was turning out to be dubious - one guest complained of smoke in the hallway, something was going on with a young man where it was suggested police could be summoned, and there was a domestic altercation in the parking lot. We decided to accept the lost room payment and get back on the road - no sleep seemed preferable to trying to relax there. Taking turns driving, we arrived back at Skull Creek Marina at two o’clock this morning. An hour later, we’d unloaded the car to the boat and were sitting in our pajamas in the main salon, drinking glasses of wine. When at last we tucked in to bed, we slept soundly.

I woke up at 9:30am, hungry and ready for coffee. While the coffee brewed, I put away the things from our travels - books, toiletries, food.


Sandals weather!

I re-stocked the ice box from the cooler we rode with and, when Dobbs got up at 10am, he walked up to the office and brought back ice.

The view from the office porch, overlooking the Freedom Boat Club docks toward Port Royal Sound.

The view from the office porch, overlooking the Freedom Boat Club docks toward Port Royal Sound.

I made breakfast. Up home, Dobbs was able to buy fresh eggs from a neighbor - the chickens are laying, a sign of lengthening days and warmer weather. Fresh eggs from free-roaming chickens are the best! At 1pm, we borrowed the marina’s courtesy car to shuttle the rental back to the airport. We used Avis, as our BoatUS insurance policy offers a discount on this company, and we have been satisfied with both pricing and service. With time remaining on the two-hour limit for the courtesy car, Dobbs drove us to Chaplin Community Park. We wanted to play tennis, but we learned there’s an island-wide college tennis tournament this week and no courts were available. Quite handy then that the park is at the beach!


We removed our shoes and went strolling on the sand, occasionally wading into the surf.


The ocean was significantly warmer today than it was when we were here in November. There were plenty of people on the beach and even a couple brave souls in the water. There’s no way I’d take off my sweater yet, let alone swim! I need 80 degrees.

We had the car back shortly after 3pm, which seemed perfectly coordinated for nap time. It’s nice to finally be getting some rest. At 4:30pm, we woke up for a snack, and then I took Murphy for a walk.


For dinner, I made fish & chips with a cabbage salad (wanting something like coleslaw, but with cucumbers too).


We’ve washed the dishes and showered, and now it’s time for bed.