Belhaven, NC, waiting out weather

11/14, 999.4, 50/44, NNE10-20, mostly cloudy with some rain - We took today “off”, though really only this morning. I was ready for a break from traveling and it’s blowing stink on the Neuse until Friday so we’re staying put. We slept in until 6am and then puttered away the morning. There’s not enough cell signal to write blog entries or work; we’re forced to read and color and write - it’s simple.


After lunch, we planned out where to have a new starter shipped to and then ordered it. Our phones are able to access the internet, albeit slowly, but not our laptop. The starter, from DB Electrical, is shipping to Carolina Beach State Park, where we should arrive Monday afternoon.

The composting head leaking became too much and we emptied it into a trash bag, triple-bagged. Honestly, cleaning it out was half as offensive as a holding tank, maybe even less. We thoroughly cleaned the head area, re-charged the toilet with fresh peat, and are back in business. Then we tackled the cockpit bilge pump that’s not been drawing. All the hoses checked out, as did the component parts - the only leak we found was where the intake check valve mounts to the pump. It’s a plastic mount, counter-sunk for flat head screws, and the pressure of tightening the screws to seal the O-ring with Neosporin (lacking Vaseline) to improve the seal. If the rebuild kit doesn’t include a replacement for the mount, we’ll need to buy a new pump instead. We still have the automatic pump and the main salon pump, so it’s not like we’re lacking. Lastly, Dobbs removed the starter to check for a part number. This required rowing in to the hardware store to buy an extension for our socket extension. Even un-bolted, he would have needed to pull off the alternator to get the starter clear to check it, and light was fading, so we decided to reassemble and wait for another day.


Dobbs rowed Murphy and me to shore. We dropped off trash at the public dock and walked out to the Walgreens for some medical supplies. Murphy enjoys the long walks. At 13, he’s still very much eager to be involved and we are grateful for his health. Rowing back out to Grace after dark, I appreciated how pretty she looks at anchor, cabin windows glowing in the light I left on for Max and anchor light shining like a bright star. Despite an ominous forecast, we are comfortably warm and relaxed here tonight.